Walking in Fleetwood

Walking in Fleetwood

Walking in Fleetwood is free and good for you! 

It’s free and it’s good for the body and soul – go walking in Fleetwood and see what you can can see!

Look at all this beach and seafront just waiting to be explored. This is the view from the top of Rossall Tower. It’s open to the public so make sure it’s on your route.

View of Fleetwood beach from Rossall Tower

Whether you live beside the beach or love to visit for a day trip, it’s a great place to visit all through the year.

If you do go walking on the sands please make sure that you keep safe. You can check tide times here before you set off.

Without soundling like your mother, always be prepared before you set off! Take a bottle of water, 20p for a loo and your mobile phone.

In summer always make sure you’ve got sunscreen on too. The combination of the suns rays and wind will make your skin burn very quickly, even if it doesn’t seem that sunny.

Walking on the beach

Walking in Fleetwood with the help of your car

As odd as that might sound, you might want to drive to the seafront and then enjoy your walk from there.

There’s plenty of free parking in Fleetwood. There are bays on The Esplanade where you can enjoy the beautiful view from your car, whatever the weather.

Seafront parking at Fleetwood

In Fleetwood town centre there’s further free on-street parking, along with pay and display car parks. 

Dogs on Beaches in Fleetwood

Marine Beach (at the back of the Marine Hall) in Fleetwood is a bathing beach, the others aren’t. 

In common with the rest of the UK, this bathing beach is subject to a dog ban throughout the bathing season. Please don’t walk your dog there between 1 May and 30 September or you may receive an on-the-spot fine.

More about dogs on Fleetwood beaches here

How far would you like to go walking in Fleetwood?

A walk around the coastal peninsula at Fleetwood is a really interesting walk to take. 

Aerial view of Fleetwood peninsula from Christopher Verity
Aerial view of Fleetwood peninsula from Christopher Verity

Depending on how fit you are you might want to do it all in one, or break it up into sections. Either way, you’ll walk through different landscapes and there’s plenty to see.

Rossall Beach

Let’s start our journey in the south at Rossall Beach where Cleveleys ends. The boundary with Fleetwood is at Rossall School which is literally to the left of this photo. 

Rossall Beach where Cleveleys meets Fleetwood

This area has a hard, 1970’s style concrete sea defence. It’s not in the best condition and it gets a regular battering from rough weather and big tides. 

It’s a very quiet area of beach and seafront where you can have miles of sand to yourself to enjoy peace and solitude. Best of all, it’s literally seconds away from free seafront parking at Rossall Promenade so it’s very accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about Rossall Beach here

Walk northwards to the end of this 1970’s style concrete sea defence and you’ll come to a brand new section of seawall, completed in 2018, which is the Rossall Coastal Defence Scheme.

Rossall Coastal Defences

The £64m Coastal Defence Scheme at Rossall is almost finished and due to be opened in Spring 2018.

Aerial view of Rossall sea defences

It will be an amazing asset when it is finished. Built to protect against flooding it’s also a brilliant public space with wide footpaths and safe places where you can enjoy watching even the most awful storms.

There are plenty of benches, and, just like at nearby Cleveleys, the prom itself has built-in seats (with a backrest!) all along the length so you won’t be short of somewhere to sit for a breather. It’s ideal for prams and wheelchairs, with plenty of access points and a new, flat surface that’s easy to ride on.

Read more about Rossall Coastal Defence Scheme here

Hard coastal defences are necessary along this stretch of coastline because it gets head on weather all throughout the year. 

Rossall Golf Course and Tower

At the end of the new coastal defences the landmass changes shape where it meets Fleetwood Golf Course. Here you’re officially in Morecambe Bay and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

Can you see where the sea defences end – on the left of the map, just above centre?

Google map of Fleetwood peninsula

The coast starts to turn a corner and go around a bend. The typically south westerly tide glances across the land rather than heading straight at it. The sea defences are more natural here.

The big wide beaches meet a footpath and a small natural dune system. The area is home to lots of wildlife, birds and specially adapted plants. Take a book with you and see what you can find.

Fleetwood beach and Rossall Tower

This building is Rossall Tower – it’s where NCI Coastwatch are based – they keep an eye on the dangerous sands of Morecambe Bay. The top floor is an open observation deck from where you can enjoy the most amazing view. There are Danfo public toilets at the side of Rossall Tower.

Carry on walking, now heading east, and you’ll reach the boating lakes and Marine Hall area.

Boating Lakes, Marine Hall and Marine Beach

This is what you might call the ‘traditional’ bit of Fleetwood seafront, and very lovely it is too. This is the view from The Mount, the pavilion building opposite Marine Hall.

View towards the Boating Lakes at Fleetwood from The Mount

There’s a model boating lake and a paddling pool, alongside a much larger boating lake. There’s a couple of small cafes here where you can get an ice cream, snack and a drink, and there are public toilets nearby at the cemetery at Beach Road.

You’re spoilt for choice with your walking route. Follow the coastal path, walk around the lakes, or follow the pavement at the public highway – each one has a lovely view.

More about the boating lakes at Fleetwood here

Next on your walk you’ll find the Marine Hall where The Esplanade starts, and behind it Marine Beach (below).

Displays from Fleetwood Kite Club at Marine Beach

This is also where Fleetwoods beach huts are.

Fleetwood Beach Huts

The Esplanade and Ferry

The Esplanade is a beautiful walk in itself. Traditional cast iron railings line the edge of the pavement, and you can see Victorian architecture all around. 

The Esplanade Fleetwood

Next, you’ll pass the site of the former Fleetwood Pier, which was sadly lost to fire in 2008.

Former Fleetwood Pier

More about Fleetwood Pier site here

Then you’ll come to the area in front of the Euston Gardens, at the Ferry and where the shops and amusements are. Here you can refuel at one of the cafes, and you can take a ride across the River Wyre on the pedestrian ferry to Knott End.

Fleetwood ferry at the Esplanade

Docks, Freeport and River Wyre

You’re now at Dock Street, which is where the ferrys once arrived and departed from. The loading gantry that you can see int he photo below is still there.

Fleetwood Docks

Next stop along the seafront is Freeport Fleetwood and you’re now onto the River Wyre rather than the Irish Sea.

Carry on Walking beyond Fleetwood

Journey South to Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham

Technically, you could walk from Fleetwood to Lytham on the beach – but you’d definitely need to consult the tide times to do that.

There are miles of unspoilt, clean beach all the way to the the Ribble Estuary at Lytham.

On a lovely day, take your shoes and socks off and paddle along the waters edge as you walk. It’s surprising just how much distance you can cover when you do this!

Walk as far as you want to and catch a bus or a tram back to where you started from. They run parallel to the promenade on the coast road. Blackpool is five miles from Cleveleys by road – probably a little less on the beach.

Green Spaces for Walking in Fleetwood

If you prefer to see grass, greenery and trees when you go walking in Fleetwood, you can see those too!

Euston Gardens on Fleetwood Esplanade

Have a look at our Parks in Fleetwood section, where you’ll find out about not just parks but open green spaces too.

From the tiny little Pocket Park opposite the library, to the green fields at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve.

At Fleetwood Memorial Park there are facilities for children and adults and it’s a beautiful spot for a walk on any day of the year.

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Walking in Fleetwood on the beachWalking in Fleetwood on the beach

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