Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Fleetwood Heritage Open Days is your chance to look around many of the local historic and interesting buildings and places for free. Some of which you can’t even normally go in.

Bearing in mind the weather, it was a good turnout in Fleetwood for Heritage Open Days in 2017.

On Sunday morning The Esplanade was closed for the Triathlon and so visitors to the Mount and Lighthouse were fewer in number, but it was amazing how many braved the rain to see the two landmark buildings in the afternoon.

Even the walks around the ferry and dock areas were popular, despite the rain.

The maquette of the new statue of Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood was on display in Fleetwood Museum, and that was very popular. The Museum was busy all weekend, especially on the Sunday when the sculptor himself was present.

Maquette of Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood statue, with the sculptor at Fleetwood Museum during Fleetwood Heritage Open Days
Maquette of Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood statue, with the sculptor at Fleetwood Museum during Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Fleetwood Heritage Open Days – Part of a National Event

Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Fleetwood is a fascinating place with a rich heritage and lots of historical buildings – many more than you’ll probably imagine. Each year with Fleetwood Heritage Open Days you can look around the ones that interest you.

Heritage Open Days are organised all over the country by community groups and Civic Societies, in conjunction with English Heritage, who manage the scheme on a national basis.

Fleetwood Civic Society is one of 1400 such organisations who between them muster up 40,000 volunteers to put on this national event every year, that delights over 1 million visitors. Fleetwood Heritage Open Days can rightfully say that it’s part of Englands biggest voluntary cultural event!

Buildings of every shape, style and function show of their architectural treasures and secrets Knowledgeable local guides organise the events and tours to share their local knowledge and bring places to life.

Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Are all free of charge and right here in the streets of Fleetwood. Open to everyone, whether you live next door or are on holiday, or have a passion for Decimus Burton or lighthouses and long to find out more!

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Fleetwood Heritage Open Days 2017

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Fleetwood Civic Society and Heritage Open Days

Meet Margaret Daniels and Yvonne Johnstone, two passionate women if ever there were! We met on a blustery, showery morning and took a walk to the top of The Mount, where we sheltered from a shower and marvelled at the stunning view.

Yvonne Johnstone and Margaret Daniels from Fleetwood Civic Society, Fleetwood Heritage Open Days
Yvonne Johnstone and Margaret Daniels from Fleetwood Civic Society, Fleetwood Heritage Open Days

Fleetwood Civic Society has one simple aim, and in fact it’s one that we share at Visit Fleetwood.

To promote Fleetwood and everything that it has to offer and encourage people to see what a marvellous place Fleetwood is. Heritage Open Days provides a perfect way to do that, attracting a few thousand people every year, with over 1000 coming to see The Mount and the Lower Lighthouse alone, from not just the Fylde Coast but a good distance inland too.

They’ve shown many children around these buildings from inland towns, the idea being that they instill a taste for the seaside in them and when they go home they enthuse to their parents and create a good impression about how nice Fleetwood is, and the family returns for holidays and outings.

I remember the craft shop in The Mount when we first came here about 25 years ago – it was the Civic Society who rescued this unique building from the doldrums after it had been stood empty for years and years. Once they’d campaigned and got the building back into working order, they were based for a long while on the top floor and had displays of local memorabilia and kept their headquarters open every weekend for the public to look at.

A Mine of Local Information

These two are a walking mine of local information, and fascinating to hear. I didn’t know that the clock at the top of The Mount was a memorial to the First World War and donated to the local people of Fleetwood. I couldn’t say I’d ever heard it chime, until as we were stood there it did!

Along with many locals, I also didn’t know that our two lighthouses are still working. That’s largely because they are designed to be seen from sea. But if you take a trip up the Lower Lighthouse on Heritage Open Days with Yvonne, she’ll tell you everything that you want to know and more.

Fleetwood Civic Society are responsible for the open days at The Mount and Lower Lighthouse, and individual buildings then look after their own openings. The Civic Society then collate everything and promote the event as a whole, starting the mammoth task in February each year. All members give their time freely for the love of Fleetwood.

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