Esplanade: Ferry Beach

Esplanade: Ferry Beach

Ferry Beach is next to the Lower Lighthouse, RNLI, ferry to Knott End, and the Esplanade shops – across the road from Euston Park.

It’s a really lovely spot. You can park your car right against the edge of the sea and enjoy the view. Or take a walk as far as you like – pausing to look at the memorials and artworks which line the sea front. 

The Esplanade, Fleetwood seafront and adjacent car parking

The video clip below looks over the River Wyre Estuary, taken from the side of the boat launching facility, looking at the boats and the view beyond over Morecambe Bay. The white building in the distance is Heysham power station.

In the distance is the landscape of Lancaster and the Lake District and in front of you a sandy beach, home to colonies of sea holly in its natural habitat.

View of Lancaster across the River Wyre
View of Lancaster across Morecambe Bay, from The Esplanade at Fleetwood

The beauty of this area is that the beach is right against the sea front parking area so you can enjoy sitting here and watching the view across Morecambe Bay to the Lakes, Lancaster and beyond, especially since the parking bays are arranged pointing straight at the view! 

Straight across the water you can see Lancaster, Heysham where the power station is clearly visible as a big white building, with Grange Over Sands, Barrow and Walney Island all visible on a clear day.

The Wyre Estuary itself is a wide and sandy habitat which is ideal for the flocks of waders and sea birds, but not at all ideal for people who might think they can venture onto its dangerous banks. Please DO NOT go off the immediate foreshore and out onto the sandbanks.

Turn around and look inland and you’ll see the beautiful North Euston Hotel, fronted by the recently restored Euston Park.

North Euston Hotel and Euston Park

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Memorials and Public Art

The wide seafront promenade is where you’ll find a number of different memorials and pieces of public art.

Everybody’s favourite is the ‘Welcome Home’ statue – a woman with children and their pet dog, waiting to welcome home their men folk from the sea, just as generations of families have done over the years.

It was provided by Mrs Lofthouse and Fisherman’s Friend – the famous lozenge made right here in the town. It was designed and sculpted by Anita Lafford.

Welcome Home statue on Fleetwood Esplanade

The ‘Price of Fish’ memorial depicts equipment from a trawler and was created to recognise the great contribution which the men and women of the fishing community made to the life of Fleetwood.

The real ‘Price of Fish’ is the lives of the men lost in fishing operations, listed in the plaque on this memorial.

Price of Fish Memorial on The Esplanade, Fleetwood

Memorial to the Morecambe Bay Helicopter Accident on 27 December 2006

Seven men tragically lost their lives in this incident, and they are remembered in this enduring memorial.

Memorial to Morecambe Bay helicopter tragedy on The Esplanade, Fleetwood

On this stretch of promenade you’ll also find other interpretation signage telling local stories.

Fleetwood Lower Lighthouse

You can’t miss Fleetwood Lower Lighthouse, standing in the face of all weathers, year in and year out on The Esplanade at Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Lower Lighthouse

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Fleetwood RNLI

The RNLI have their lifeboat launch facility and a retail shop on the seafront at The Esplanade. 

Fleetwood RNLI

Adjacent to the RNLI (on the left as you look at it) is a boat launch and training facility, owned and operated by Blackpool and the Fylde College.

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Shops, Food and Amusements

Just past the RNLI you’ll find a block of shops, along with proper seaside fish and chips and an amusement arcade. A lovely spot to while away a few hours whatever the weather!

Fleetwood Esplanade

Fleetwood Ferry

The Fleetwood Ferry is both a method of regular transport for the residents of Knott End and Over Wyre, and a popular tourist attraction.

Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry

From the crossing point on the Esplanade, you can take the short ferry ride across the River Wyre to Knott End, and explore not just the immediate area, but carry on walking through beautiful countryside and enjoy all that the Over Wyre* area has to offer.

Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry

*Over Wyre is the land ‘over the River Wyre’ – the rural areas of Preesall, Pilling, Stalmine, etc.

The alternative to crossing the river by ferry is a fairly long road journey at the next crossing point over the River at Shard Bridge.

Site of Special Scientific Interest

You might not perhaps think it, but, along with the rest of the Wyre river estuary from Rossall Point, the beach is actually a Site of Special Scientific Interest, because of the plant and wildlife that can be found here.

In recent years, the protection has led to an overgrowth of non-native and often invasive species like sycamores, which were removed at the back end of 2011, along with the enriched sand dune in which they were growing, to enable the protected species (particularly sea holly) to thrive and not be outcompeted.

Ferry Beach after clearing works
Sand levels dropped adjacent to the promenade at Ferry Beach

This clean-up work included cutting back vegetation and dropping the beach level by about a metre next to the sea wall, from the RNLI Lifeboat Station up to the site of the former Fleetwood Pier.

Wyre Council carried the work out, in conjunction with Natural England, to ensure that protected species weren’t damaged.

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The Esplanade, Fleetwood seafront, near to the North Euston Hotel and Lower LighthouseSeafront at Ferry Beach near the North Euston Hotel and Lower Lighthouse

Map showing location of Fleetwood Ferry BeachMap showing location of Fleetwood Ferry Beach

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