The Mount Gardens

The Mount Gardens

The Mount was once a large sand-dune and rabbit warren, originally known as Tup Hill or Starr Hill, laid out into a park by Decimus Burton in the mid nineteenth century.

The seven acre park site was surrounded by the traditional Fylde style cobble wall in the 1860’s.

Burton originally built a pagoda on a raised terrace at the top of the hill, which was later demolished and the pavillion which stands there now replaced it in 1902, with the clock being added in 1919.

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Planting up the Gardens

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Fleetwood’s most iconic feature had a facelift in 2016 which restored the railings and shelters to their former glory, thanks to a £1m donation and incredibly generous gift from the Lofthouse family.

The cast iron railings that topped the esplanade wall were removed in 1942 for the Second World War. Their replacements have been specially made to replicate the ornamental pattern of the original Victorian design, and painted in the same shades of green which they would have originally been painted in when first built.

As part of the first phase of this project, Wyre Council received a fantastic response to its appeal for volunteers to help with planting in the gardens, when 26 people helped to plant 2,000 shrubs such as lavender and eucalyptus, 65 trees and 4,300 flowering bulbs including a variety of daffodils, along the length of the esplanade boundary wall.

Local residents Anne Carlos and Norma Banville volunteered because they both wanted to give something back to a community they love.

Volunteers planting at The Mount Gardens, Fleetwood

Norma said: “I got involved because I moved here about five years ago and I absolutely love the place and just wanted to give something back.”

Anne added: “It’s lovely at The Mount with everything that’s been done so far and it’s nice to think that we’ve played a small part in making it look even more beautiful. We’re both excited to come back next summer and see the daffodils and say that we planted some of those!”

A group of Lancashire employees from construction firm Tarmac Readymix, which encourages volunteer work within the company, joined the gardening sessions.

Volunteers planting at The Mount, Fleetwood

The next task for the green fingered volunteers is to plant a new rockery in the east of the garden using reclaimed limestone and a range of plants including smaller shrubs and perennials.

Many of the chosen plants are adapted to growing in coastal conditions by having tough, leathery or hairy leaves which protect the plant from salt damage and reduce moisture loss.

Beautiful Public Gardens

Loved by locals and visitors, The Mount and gardens is a distinctive feature of Fleetwood, and a climb to the top of the hill is rewarded with magnificent views.

The Mount at Fleetwood in the snow at sunset

In the rare coastal snows of winter (above), the slopes are loved by local children as they provide a rare hill in the flat Fylde landscape where they can use a sledge!

The front slopes of the Mount (below), exposed to the harsh marine environment and winds, are laid out mainly to neatly maintained grass slopes.

The Mount Fleetwood

The landward side of the Mount is home to a lovely garden, almost a hidden local treasure since it’s not obviously apparent from the main promenade.

Here you’ll find a rose garden, rockeries and ornamental planting, where little has changed since it was created during the 1830’s.

There’s also a children’s playground here too. Both are accessed by a gate lodge which was also built by Decimus Burton at the Mount Road entrance, and once used as his office.

Park at the back of the Mount

Childrens playground at the back of the Mount at Fleetwood

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Gardens at the Mount Fleetwood

Gardens at the Mount Fleetwood

Gardens at the Mount Fleetwood

Gardens at the Mount Fleetwood

Memorial at the Gardens at the Mount Fleetwood

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