Tram Sunday

Tram Sunday

Fleetwood Festival of Transport is popularly known as Tram Sunday – it’s a fantastic annual event in Fleetwood.

Tram Sunday is a day of transport themed exhibits – vehicles of all kinds and of course a tram or two! 

Plus lots of entertainment and fun for all the family, in the streets of Fleetwood, stretching from Fisherman’s Walk at the Freeport end of town, all the way along Lord Street, North Albert Street and spilling out into the area around the North Euston Hotel and Esplanade. 

Have a look around this full section about Tram Sunday 

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You can find out about exhibits, the magnificent SpareParts Arts Festival, family entertainment and more!

Fleetwood Tram Sunday, Festival of Transport

Fleetwood Tram Sunday, Festival of Transport

Fleetwood Tram Sunday, Festival of Transport

  1. Hi how do I book my car in the transport show many thanks

  2. I remember picking up a flier about tram Sunday this year, and something regarding a parade, also one for those in wheelchairs. Do you have more information on where the parade is and how to sign people up or is it just a turn up and join in parade for wheelchair users? Thanks

    1. Jane Rabbit

      Hi Nathan, There was a motability scooter parade in 2017, and I believe there’s a discussion about another one in 2018. Keep watching the Tram Sunday pages and we’ll keep you posted as plans develop.

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