Modern Times Past Calendar 2014 - from Lighthouse Stationery

Modern Times Past Calendar 2014 - from Lighthouse Stationery

Lighthouse Stationery is in an unmissable spot. In the shadows of the upper lighthouse, and right next to the tram tracks on North Albert Street, it’s the place to go for anything to do with office supplies, for home or work.

Fleetwood Modern Times Past Calendar – views from the 50’s and 60’s

Views of Fleetwood from the long gone past are always very popular, but remote to people who never knew these times.

Now, you can relive the memories from your own past or that of your parents, with a new selection of views of Fleetwood from the 1050’s and 60’s in the modern Times Past Calendar of Fleetwood views from Lighthouse Stationery.

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You can pick your views of the modern past up for the same price as the original version. Makes an ideal Christmas present that can be easily posted – or a perfect stocking filler.

‘Fleetwood Times Past’ 2014 Calendar – now available

Whether you live in Fleetwood and have an interest in the past, or maybe you moved away and remember it how it was many years ago. If so, then this new calendar is just for you. You can now get copies of the new one from the shop.

A collection through the year of special photos from Fleetwood’s history, it includes photos of iconic images from the collection held at Lighthouse Stationery.

The 2014 calendar includes a 1950’s view of Copse road before it was adopted and made up. A rare view inside the Chapel of St John the Baptist at Rossall School. A picture of the Wyre Light before it burnt down. Also pictured is the bucket type dredger called the “Fylde” and many residents will recall the noise it made.

The calendar is just £4.99 and includes an envelope for posting.

Also available to buy by mail order from Lighthouse Stationery
Postage and packing for UK is £1.70. Europe is £3.43.
Lighthouse Stationery contact details here

If you’re involved in a community group you might want to produce your own calendars like this for fundraising. Ask in the shop for details.

If you’re involved with a community group and you need papers for meetings, posters and presentations, instead of blowing your desktop ink jet printer up and using a fortune in inks, why not get them done at Lighthouse instead?

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It’s not always easy to copy up large volumes of black and white papers – agendas, minutes and more – so it’s much easier to get someone else to do it – and one job less!

Colour posters to promote your group are a doddle too – and they’ll even do you some simple artwork if you don’t know how.

Take a look at services and costs of copying from Lighthouse Stationery.

More about Lighthouse Stationery

Lighthouse Stationery has been owned by Derek Eaton for many years, and what Derek and his team don’t know about stationery isn’t worth knowing! Formerly the Post Office, it’s also a hub for the community.

On first sight, when you walk into the shop it’s a treasure trove of all things pens and paper – and all the things that you’d use at home or at work. From one or two of something, to whole boxes and a monthly account, everything is catered for.

Lighthouse Stationery isn’t just for office people who go through products like hot dinners – if you just want a note pad to jot down your shopping list you’re just as welcome!

It’s also somewhere to find greetings cards of all kinds – and not just mass produced ones either! Lighthouse is also a Canon Colour Copy Centre, and at the back of the shop are the printers who can make anything that you want.

Derek has books of old postcards and scenes of Fleetwood, and you can have a personalised greetings card made from any of them, or if you want to bring in your own photo and have a card made for a special occassion they can do just that for you.

The quality of reproduction from these huge colour machines is superb, and on the wall you’ll see prints from photos as examples of what can be done. The photography clubs on the Fylde Coast use Lighthouse Stationery to print out their work, and looking at these you can see why – plus the cost is very reasonable.

If you’ve got a small business and you want some literature producing for your business they can do that too, and make you stationery and brochures to show to your customers.

Of course, no shop like this would be complete without high volume photocopying in black and white – or onto coloured paper – and you’ll also find that they  have a plan copier if you want drawings reproducing.

You can find out much more, including all the contact details, from the Visit Fleetwood Lighthouse Stationery page at this link.

Modern Times Past Calendar
Modern Times Past Calendar – Fleetwood in the 50’s and 60’s

Times Past Calendar 2014 from Lighthouse Stationery
Old Times Past calendar

Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood
Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood

Inside Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood
Inside Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood

Copy Centre at Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood
Copy Centre at Lighthouse Stationery Fleetwood 

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