Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park lies in an old railway cutting in a site reclaimed from what was once a power station, near to the former Fleetwood Dock complex.

It’s a County Wildlife site that extends to half a hectare which is owned by Lancashire County Council. In March 2018, Fleetwood Town Council agreed to work in partnership with LCC to manage the day to day running of the site with costs shared equally from 1st April 2018. Following a 12 month trial period the Town Council and LCC will review progress and decide on the long term viability of  the Town Council assuming full custodianship.

How to get to Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park

Most people would probably want to get to the site by car – in which case you drive along the access road to the waste recycling site and United Utilities Plant at Jameson Road, and carry right to the very end where you come to a car park. The site is also overlooked by the new Redrow houses which are being built at Fleetwood.

In recent years there have been improvements made to the footpaths, and you can now enjoy a walk on hard paths if you’ve not got the urge to head off into the open grassland. Or make sure you take your wellies and head off the paths to explore the ponds and wetlands and take a look at the huge range of wildlife. The disused railway track has been taken over by common reeds and the scrub and wildflower varieties are developing year by year.

You can also get to the banks of the River Wyre, where you’ll find bits of shipwrecked boats. Be careful, but have fun, imagining the past and what adventures might have happened to the boats that now lie decomposing in the mudflats.

Boats at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park. Photo: Gary Kenyon
Boats at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park. Photo: Gary Kenyon

Wildlife at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park

As with the rest of Morecambe Bay and the Wyre Estuary, Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve is an important habitat for small migratory birds which roost in the reeds. A couple of breeding pairs of Reed Warblers have been regularly seen – this is close to the northern limit of their range. Snipe and Water Rail frequently visit in winter.

The host of wildflowers are irresistible to summer insets when the fields dance with butterflies and you’ll see Common Blue and Red Admiral along with many other butterflies and moths.

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve is also on the Wyre Way footpath, which runs around the coast from Fleetwood to the River Wyre at Stanah. It’s an existing footpath which is a public right of way, split into two – footpath 13 runs along the coast from where it picks up the Lancashire Coastal path at Rossall Point. Footpath no 8 connects the coastal path no 13 to Fleetwood Road.

The Wyre Estuary Coastal Path Project aims to create a high quality footpath along the full route of the existing right of way, which is accessible to all and links the Wyre Estuary Country Park to Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park.

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park.
Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park.

You’ll also find some lovely pieces of public art at Fleetwood Marsh – decorative iron gateways break up the flat landscape and lead you from the footpath, a perfect subject for all the photographers to snap from different angles as the evening sun sets over the west and casts red shadows over the space.

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