Jacinta, Famous Fleetwood Trawler

Jacinta, Famous Fleetwood Trawler

Jacinta was once Britain’s top earning trawler. Look round the world of the fishing industry on open days. 

Launched in 1972, the boat was built by Clelands Shipbuilders at Wallsend for J. Marr & Sons from Fleetwood.

Jacinta fishing trawler at Fleetwood

A Tour of Jacinta

Looking round the trawler, you can see inside the engine room, the bridge (below), wheelhouse, chart room and radio room.

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The Bridge on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood
The Bridge on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

The clip below looks around the factory deck. Here you can see where the fish was gutted to keep it fresh. 

The hold (below) was once packed with fish and ice and is now a museum and function room. This group of folk musicians were enjoying a sing-along at a Maritime Open Day.

You can see the cabins where the crew lived and slept when they weren’t working 18 hours a day, and the galley where their meals were made. 

Fleetwood’s Record Breaking Trawler

Jacinta could trawl up to 3.5 MILLION fish fingers in just 10 days!

It was registered in Fleetwood as FD159 and became a record breaking ship in 1975 for a Fleetwood wet catch when she brought 188 tons ashore after a 19 day trip to the Icelandic fishing grounds.

Now working out of Hull, in 1986 she broke another record to become Britain’s top earning trawler with a catch value of over £1.3 million. A third record was set in 1991 with a record catch of 230 tons that sold for £270,516. In 1994, Jacinta was the top earning British trawler, with £1.9 million in 10 months. In 23 years at sea, Jacinta earned over £17.3 million.

As with all machines and equipment, the cost of repairs eventually became too costly, and on 9th February 1995 Jacinta was towed from Hull to Fleetwood to become the main piece of a maritime museum display after repairs were too costly to make.

More About Jacinta Today

Jacinta is a 615 ton stern trawler which had a crew of 16. The ship is 50 metres long and 9.75 metres wide, needing 6 metres of water to float. Powered by a 1633 horsepower diesel engine, it can travel at 11 nautical miles an hour. 

After many years at sea and becoming the most famous stern trawler of her generation, the engines failed and a group of Fleetwood people rallied to save her and brought her back home having paid just £1 for the ship.

Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

She was fitted with a new engine and attended heritage festivals, and is now moored in Fleetwood Dock and accessed through Freeport Fleetwood, where you can look around and meet members of Jacinta Trust on open days.

Volunteers have restored the ship so that you can see what it was like to be a deep-sea fisherman. 

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Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust

Jacinta, Fleetwood Trawler

Jacinta, Fleetwood Trawler

Jacinta, Fleetwood Trawler

Jacinta, Fleetwood Trawler

Factory deck on Jacinta Trawler at FleetwoodFactory deck on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

Cabin on Jacinta Trawler at FleetwoodCabin on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

The Hold on Jacinta Trawler at FleetwoodThe Hold on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

The Galley on Jacinta Trawler at FleetwoodThe Galley on Jacinta Trawler at Fleetwood

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  1. Visited Jacinta trawler on Sunday 26/08/18 fantastic. Was good of you to let me see round it, many thanks Colin 🤗

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